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Technology and steps of building of cylindered log and glued beam wooden house, bath-house, summer-house, cottage. 

1. Designing and planning of wooden house, bath-house, summer-house, cottage.

   It is the first and the most important part of house, bath-house, summer-house creation process. Individual projects of country-houses are not only original and artistic, but also strong, durable and comfortable.

   Wooden houses, bath-houses, summer-houses and cottages projects designed by our architects will help you to open boundless opportunities of architectural technologies in cylindered log and glued beam houses building.
Three-dimentional computer representation of the house, orientation in space, windows, doors, rooms and floors location, customer discussion of necessary technological peculiarities and building steps, log position in the wall, every log row (crown), etc. – all this is included in the designing and planning process.

  We will take into consideration all Your personal wishes of house planning, to satisfy Your lifestyle and financial state.

2. Wall set manufacturing.

Pine-tree from north regions of Ukraine and from Russia is used as saw-timber, logs of 4 to 6 (maximum) m length, on average - 4-4,5 m, glued beem of up to 12 m length.
Standard diameters of cylindered log - 160, 180, 200, 220, 240 mm, of glued beem - 180х160 mm and 100х160 mm (room partitions).
In accordance with house project, “bowls” are sawed – cavities in logs for assembling them to each other (depending on designed building corners).

 Оцилиндровка бревен  Оцилиндровка бревен  Контрольная сборка дома на базе перед отправкой за границу

We can make polygonal forms (bay windows, towers) with the help of our equipment.
House (bath-house, summer-house, cottage) is assembled according to the project where every crown is indicated. Logs faced beforehand and having the bowl (half-bowls) and sawcut cut are assembled to the roofing in some days, like a meccano.
The logs are treated with ecologically clean certified proof agent “Pinotex Base”, for protection from becoming blue, black and from putrefaction - http://www.pinotex.su/.
The logs are treated with fire-retardant additive “ПП”, for fire safety - http://www.antiseptik.spb.ru/pp.html

3. Assembling (building).

Oak stud is laid on prepared foundation (recommended).
First half-log is laid on oak stud, then ordinary logs are laid.

Дубовая обвязка между фундаментом и первым полубревном.  Оцилиндрованное бревно d-200 мм  Клееный брус 150х180

Comb insulator “Isover” is laid between cylindered log groove and - http://www.isover.ru/, which acts as compressor. It is not necessary for glued beam. “Isover” is used during wooden houses building because of its property not to cause skin irritations and respiratory tract diseases. Logs are connected to each other with the help of special oak pegs for which in every pair of interconnected logs a hole with depth equal to log radius is made. According to the project, in the construction of wooden house necessary cuts and holes for water, heat and electricity distribution are made. Electriholes are made inside the log, in which holes plastic isolation tube is inserted, inside of which spiral wrap hose with heat-resistant wire is inserted.

  Заделка щелей между бревнами внутри строения  Клееный брус 95х150 для межкомнатных перегородок  Клееный брус 180х150 для наружных и несущих стен

Specialists of our company will highly qualified do electro communications works which are of high importance, with further guarantee service.

Proof covering “Pinotex” of different tints is used for log protection.

Наружная обработка стен  Наружная обработка стен  Гидро и пароизоляция крыши деревянного дома. Ничего нового.

 The house is proof covered for three times which provides house safety for many years, as well as “Pinotex” covering properties provide equal moisture out which minimizes log bursting. Afterwards, briddle roof part is assembled and the house roofing is laid.

  Деревянный дом под стропила  Баня под стропила  Подшивка свесов

The house roofing may be of any form, according to customer’s wish – wave Ondulin sheets, liquid Katepal or Tegola roofing, metal tile of any type of domestic and foreign manufacturersй, polymer sandy tile (ceramics imitation), wooden shingles, cane roofing. The only roofing that we do not use in ceramic tile, because of some difficulties of its usage as the wooden building roofing.

Кровля Ондулин  Деревянная кровля (гонт)  Камышевая кровля

Further building step is house interior decoration. Floor board is laid on floor logs, plinth is mounted, metal-plastic windows an doors are installed.

Окна и двери в интерьере  Подшивка потолка вагонкой  Внутренний интерьер


Inside wall surfaces are grinded, stitches are enclosed and covered by “Pinotex Ultra Colourless” which emphasizes wood beauty.

The log humidity lowering is performed in natural way, in assembled building. Before windows, doors, floors and ceilings mounting we leave the building for 8-10 weeks, according to technology. During this period of time the building is not to be heated to prevent it from steaming and bursting because of forced wood moisture outcome. It is not necessary for glued beam houses. They do not need time for shrinkage. Decoration works, windows and doors installation are to performed exactly after assemblage.

Wooden house elements.

House foundation – columnar (bath-houses, summer-houses, kolybs), tape – standard material set, a ground floor may be built.
House walls – cylindered log d=160 - 240 mm,  with use of mineral cotton wool of new generation «Isover» as compressor and oak pegs, glued beam 180х160 mm and 100х160 mm for inside partitions. Painting - «Pinotex» covering, according to norm: 1 l per 3,4 sq.m. log in two layers.
House roofing – bridle roofing part, - 80х180 mm pine beam. Lathing – cut pine board . Roofing – any, except ceramics.
Floors - grooved dry floor board, ceiling beams, floor beams (logs) - pine or glued beam. All ceilings are heat insulated. Ceilings – wooden batten.
Frontons – log, batten, block-house.
Windows -  wood colour multiple glass pane.
Doors – paneled, inside and outside doors of any configuration.
Wooden stairs - classic (turned balusters), logged (of cylindered log) and base (chipped beam with rectangle intersection).

 4. Exemplary graph of 200 sq.m. wooden house building:

  1. House foundation manufacturing - 1 month. Wooden set in manufactured at the same time.
  2. Wooden set assembling -1 month.
  3. bridle system mounting - 10-15 days.
  4. Roofing works - 1 month.
  5. Communications distribution - 1 month.
  6. Walls painting and grinding - 1month.
  7. Floors, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, decoration works - 3 months.

In total, the house is ready in 8-9 months

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